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Tell me more about the Product Pulse Check 

The Product Pulse Check is a personalized one-on-one appointment with a licensed aesthetician, a skin expert,  to learn how to optimize your skincare routine with the products you currently have at home.

Picture this: a personalized journey guided by a seasoned skin therapist who's not just an expert but your trusted companion in this exciting adventure. Dive into an engaging one-on-one session, where you'll explore the art of perfecting your skincare routine.

Our dedicated skin expert, armed with a wealth of skincare knowledge and expertise in the spa beauty industry, is ready to unravel the mysteries of effective cleansing methods, demystify ingredient labels, and curate a selection of top-notch products tailored precisely to your unique skin.

But here's the real gem of this session – an exploration of all the products currently in your possession! Imagine learning the optimal order for using each product, bidding farewell to expired ones, and gaining confidence that you're using the correct products tailored to your skin.

Your online appointment is an immersive, hands-on journey where we leave no stone unturned. By the end, you won't just grasp skincare principles; you'll radiate confidence, unveiling a newfound glow in your skin.


When you Book Your Appointment you will receive instructions by email to prep. You will bring your skincare products to your virtual appointment, including products you're unsure of. We’re going to organize your home care, learn how to use each product and in what order, and how often to use a product to set your skincare routine in alignment with your skin goals.

Get excited to step into a world of healthier, revitalized skin by embracing a personalized approach to skincare. Secure your exclusive one-on-one appointment today. Your licensed skin expert is here for you!​

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