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Skincare Catalogue

Our skincare lines are spa-exclusive ranges shipping to Canada only with the exception of Phyt's France and Poya Organics. If you are in the USA,  we will be happy to direct you to a SPA beauty retailer in your area.

Spa-At-Home Boxes ship to Canada and USA. 

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Holistic Cosmetics from Alex Cosmetics, Germany
Alex Cosmetics, Germany
Skin Confidence Hubislab, KBeauty, Advanced Skincare from Korea
HubisLab Cosmetics, Korea
Organic Skincare from Phyt's France, SBG & CO
Phyt's France Organic Cosmetics
Organic and Vegan Skincare, Therra Fusion, Bioline Jato, SBG & CO from Italy
Therra Fusion, Bioline Jato, Italy
Poya Organics, SBG & CO, Vegan Skincare from Canada
Poya Organics, Canada
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