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A Breast Health Workshop, SBG & CO, Virtual Skin Clinic

A Breast Health Workshop

Nurturing Conversations for Radiant Breast Health: Your Safe Space Awaits.

  • 1 hour
  • 125 Canadian dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Breast skin care often remains an unexplored realm in the North American treatment room, whether due to conservative approaches or a lack of comprehensive knowledge. Yet, the symbolic femininity embodied by this area of the body plays a pivotal role in a woman's perception of beauty, self-assurance, and overall well-being. We believe it is imperative for our skin therapists to acquaint themselves with both in-spa treatments to recommend, and personalized at-home routines, aimed at addressing prevalent breast skin concerns experienced by you. It isn’t a comfortable conversation and we’re here to break the ice to make it so for you. The skin covering the breasts possesses a distinctive delicacy, demanding a tailored approach that acknowledges its unique characteristics. The allure of beautiful breast skin extends beyond aesthetics, as it fosters feelings of intimacy, connection with partners, and nurturance of babies. Hence, this often-overlooked area warrants specialized attention. Dismissing or inadequately tending to it simply because it remains concealed beneath clothing is no longer a justifiable practice. Empower your clients to nurture firmer, more youthful, and healthier breast skin, regardless of their age. Within this domain, our professional skin therapists have the knowledge and expertise to address an array of skin conditions, including sagging, dryness, and diminished tone. Given the inherent vulnerability of breast skin to the effects of fluctuating hormones, pregnancy, nursing, and weight fluctuations, a spectrum of unwanted changes such as sensitivity, pigmentation irregularities, stretch marks, and sagging can occur. Fortunately, a multitude of avenues exists for treating these esthetic concerns concerning breast skin, encompassing personalized homecare strategies for breast health. Workshop Duration: 1 Hr Location: Online Terms: *The Breast Health Workshop is non-refundable. *Your place in the workshop may be rescheduled with two weeks prior notice. *Participants will receive a BHCARECODE which will be applied to your Breast Health Care Kit Notice: *The content of this workshop cannot be altered, shared or copied. If you are a industry colleague please be respectful. We love to be inspired and to inspire, and ask that you be original if you love this concept. We love training and developing industry colleagues. If you require assistance to elevate your business, visit us at

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Cancellation Policy

Your appointment has been thoughtfully arranged for your convenience. We genuinely appreciate that unforeseen circumstances may necessitate a change in your plans, leading to the need for appointment rescheduling or cancellation. Should such a situation arise, we kindly request that you provide us with at least 48 hours' notice before your scheduled appointment. It is important to note that last-minute cancellations or instances of not attending your appointment without prior notice will regrettably result in a charge for the full-service cost. Our commitment to respecting and valuing your time mirrors the utmost regard we hold for all of our valued clients. We earnestly ask for this courtesy to be reciprocated. Thank you sincerely for your understanding and cooperation.

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  • 289-675-8981

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