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Renowned for its soothing attributes, Gamarde Thermal Water imparts feelings of comfort, wellness, and tenderness to even the most sensitive and fragile skin. It effectively alleviates and pacifies dry skin, delivering both comfort and moisture while instantly revitalizing the complexion. Additionally, it enhances the efficacy of all skincare routines. Consequently, the skin emerges as smooth, flexible, and thoroughly hydrated.


Originating at the heart of Gamarde-les-Bains in the Landes region, Gamarde Thermal Water springs forth. Its passage through geological formations bestows upon it an extraordinary composition. Enriched by natural minerals and abundant sulfur, its exceptional dermatological benefits have garnered recognition from the Academy of Medicine since as early as 1841.


The Thermal Water is perfect for :

  • Redness or irritations,

  • Skin imperfections,

  • Moisturizing,

  • Refreshing,

  • Restoring skin radiance and makeup,

  • Fixing make-up,

  • After sports effort,

  • Travelling…

  • Mist face throughout the year.


Thermal Water 100 ml

SKU: 31664342285
  • Active ingredients :

    Gamarde-les-Bains thermal water


    How to use my Thermal Water?

    Shake before use. After cleansing and/or at any time of the day, spray a fine mist of thermal water all over the face, neck, sensitive areas, and/or body. Do not wipe.

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