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Based on gentle and natural surfactants of Coconut oil, for more softness and creaminess, this Organic Shampoo is gentle. It cleans without attacking all types of hair and preserves the bio balance of the scalp. Normalizing, it is suitable for both oily and dry scalps. It revives the shine and silkiness of the hair.

Soft & balancing – Without silicones


Skin type: All hair types
Expectation: Cleanse, normalize, soften
Presentation: 200 ml tube

Shampoo, Soft and Balancing

SKU: 31664342221
  • Petit Grain*, Lavender*, Lavandin*, Palmarosa*, Blackcurrant*, Pine*, Juniper*, Cypress*, Niaouli*, Clove* * ingredients from Organic Farming

    Application: Apply to wet hair, massage then rinse. Can be used daily.
    Tip: For best results, follow with the Hair Mask or Gentle Conditioner.

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