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Indulge in the enchanting allure of our Rose Facial Oil – a harmonious blend of deep rose top notes and sweet citrus base notes. Crafted to mimic skin sebum, this oil is a vitamin E-rich elixir for a luminous complexion. Natural Phospholipids add to the magic, hydrating and enhancing the oil's potency. Be cautious with extreme heat, as it may darken the sediment; decant it when needed for a flawless rose-infused experience.

The rose notes are mild and not overpowering. 

Rose Facial Oil

SKU: 9889134322
  • 100% natural jojoba Oil, rose oil, citrus.
    Keep away from heat to ensure the purity. 

    How to Use 

    Apply to a cleansed skin. Apply 6-8 drops, depending on coverage size (use more if you massage the neck area). With your fingertips, small circular movements all over the face. Work for 3-5 minutes. Do not rinse if you are massaging in the evening. Simply pat skin with a tissue and apply moisturizer.

    Apply a mask of your choice after the facial massage and prior to moisturizer.


    Stimulate circulation, drain away waste, great workout for the facial muscles, gives you a radiant glow removing dullness, leaves the skin with a satiny smooth finish. 


  • EcoCert Cosmos Approved
    Certified Vegan
    Certified Kosher

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