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This collection origianlly named "le minimaliste", is curated specifically for those who do very little for their skin. The easy step-by-step face care instructions are a delight for you to indulge in your home.


Our skin therapists designed the collection for you to treat your skin with the beneficial features of the exfoliating papaya mask and the black currant soothing mask.  Your skin gains the benefits of rich vitamins, a,c,e and k as well as antioxidants that have protective and restorative features for glowing skin. 


le minimaliste Collection includes: (6 mask treatments)

  • Papaya regenerating peel-off mask, 50 ml 
  • Black Currant soothing peel-off mask, 50 ml
  • Neroli Facial Oil, 10 ml  
  • Mixing Bowl and spoon
  • Application wood stick 
  • Gauze
  • Moisturizer, 3 ml 
  • How-To-Use-Instructions 


The masks are fragrance-free. The choice to add the neroli blend of oil is as you wish.   

le minimalist is for all skin types.

Papaya & Blackcurrant Peel-off Mask Collection

SKU: 21554345621
  • This mask contains flavonoids to stimulate the microcirculation and to strengthen blood vessels. The oil contained in the black currant seeds is rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid (omega 6) which is essential in skin`s protective processes.

    This is our favourite box because of the peel off masks. There is something so fun and satisfying when peeling this cool rubber mask off and seeing your skin look so fresh! 

    You can mask once a week, once a month for sure!!

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