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You will experience the healing and transformative powers of Bend Beauty with this powerhouse duo.


Bend Renew + Protect Anti-Aging SupplementThe Foundation Of An Optimal Skincare Routine At Every Age. Renew + Protect is the critical first step to skin rejuvenation. Unlike any other skincare product, it goes deep to address the root factors of your skin health and produce a broad range of clinically proven skin benefits such as increased elasticity & firmness, hydration, reduced redness and roughness, and protection against UV-induced sunburn.

Bend Skin Health Duo - Renew + Protect Liquid + Marine Collagen + C a product

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Unlock your skin’s potential with the award winning Renew + Protect. Featuring six powerful active ingredients working in synergy to restore a healthy Skin Climate. Just 1 tsp. daily provides benefits including significant protection against UV-induced sunburn* as well as helps to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and firmness. It also helps reduce skin roughness and redness and provides antioxidants for overall skin health. Renew + Protect is the ideal foundation product for optimal skin health and longevity.

    Topical skin treatments have limited penetration due to the epidermal barrier function. Renew + Protect overcomes this obstacle by delivering it’s six active ingredients via dermal blood supply. Although the epidermis does not have its own blood supply, it is nourished by dermal cells via a process of diffusion. The active ingredients in Renew + Protect improve the Skin Climate by altering inflammation mediators, signaling pathways, cell membrane function and reducing oxidative stress. This physiological shift improves skin function, repair, and resilience.

    Our foundational product delivers six active and powerful ingredients that work synergistically to optimize your skin health. In both a liquid and gel format, benefits associated with this product include:

    • Defend: Helps in reducing skin sensitivity to UV-induced sunburn**

    • Hydrate: Helps improve skin hydration

    • Firm: Helps improve skin elasticity and firmness

    • Smooth: Helps improve roughness and redness (from skin inflammation)

    • Protect: Provides antioxidants for skin health

      **In a clinical trial, participants who took Renew + Protect daily experienced an 84% average increase in minimal erythema dose (MED)

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