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Get a nice golden tan faster. This fluid milk, for the face and body, prepares the skin for sun exposure by naturally stimulating the production of melanin without UV thanks to Pea Extract. Indeed, its formula activates the ability of the skin to tan, in all naturalness. In addition, rich in nourishing active ingredients, it preserves skin hydration and leaves the skin soft and sublimated. Its sensory texture melts into the skin, letting its delicious fragrance escape.


Bronz'Activ is a new gesture to adopt to prepare the skin and strengthen its natural defenses against the sun. The skin is then better prepared, better protected. She tans better, naturally!


Does not protect from the sun, does not dispense with suitable sun protection.

Bronz'Active Tanning Preparation milk – Face & Body

SKU: 31664342212
  •  Aloe Vera*, Apricot*, Shea Butter*, Muscat Rose*, Vegetable Vitamin E, 
    *Ingredients from Organic Farming

    Application: Morning and evening, apply 2 weeks before sun exposure and then during, to the entire face and/or body.

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