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When life gives you lemons, Netflix and Knit!

Updated: Aug 1

How is it going in the wake of the pandemic?

Everyone will have a different story but the theme might just be the same.

We didn't have the opportunity to start, and our treatment room set-up to begin operation ended up being a pretty room with all the elements of tranquility. The lockdown pulverized all the plans and goals we had incorporated. The initial lockdown sent us to Phase 2 of our plans, a 100% digital operation. The transition from providing treatments to a digital skin centre was intended to be a work-in-progress, earmarked at the three-year point. But, covid had other plans. What did we do?

Truthfully, it was all overwhelming. The entire world was in lockdown, and people were working from home. Our first responders were and remained heroes. Trying to figure out what digital meant being in the spa industry labelled non-essential was an awakening. The fog was thick, and we did what everyone else did - picked up a crochet hook and knitting needles as our hobby and excelled in Netflix to escape reality.

I became a pretty good knitter and crocheter. Every chain, every stitch was a success. Firstly, the lesson was to slow down, rethink life, and make choices to suit a healthy, slow living life. At some point, how I wished to live in the future was identified, and then the fog began to lift, allowing creativity to flow.

Our return to the stage

After a thirty-minute doodling session, the 80/20 saying began to sound louder and louder. It's 80% you and 20% us - this is what I used to tell my clients all the time. They are with their skin 24/7; therefore, the homecare regiment was up to them. If they took care of their skin, what I do as a professional in the treatment room is 20% of the work. This statement paved the way for the development of SBG & CO in the digital world.

How is it going?

Ideas started sprinting out of nowhere, and jumping hurdles and over the couch for that pen and paper to capture the inspiration was a whirlwind at first. It can be overwhelming when you've experienced a drought in the creative flow. Once provided in the treatment room, the treatments were specially curated - professional products dispensed carefully and packaged in a collection for the customer to indulge in and Spa a la Maison.

The Collections

Easy step-by-step care instructions guide you to provide your skin with the rejuvenation and nourishment it deserves. The collections are curated by a professional certified aesthetician. Each treatment is safe for the customer to experience at home. We know you will love these treatments and your skin will thank you. Stop wishing you had great skin - our collections indulge you to get into it! Try our spa-at-home collections!

"Unlock radiant skin post-pandemic with SBG & CO's digital skin center. Experience curated collections like Organic Beauty, Blueberry Peel, & more!"
Spa-At-Home Charcoal Mask Collection

Organic Beauty

Blueberry Peel

le minimaliste....a very French way of describing a peel off mask collection

Charcoal Mask

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