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What is Earth in a Box?

SBG & CO has a packaging ritual and suggestions for recycling and or reusing our packaging material.
What is Earth in a Box?

SBG & CO is very conscientious about the fantastic packaging experience we want our customers to have, but we're also concerned and mindful of the sustainability footprint we create.

By purchasing more thoughtfully, we intend to send fewer items to landfills. While we don't do plastic in our packaging, we did the following to do our part to help make a tiny dent in taking care of our planet. We are committed to doing even better.

A collective team of professionals and consumers worked diligently to assemble the packaging and recommendations for the consumer.

We chose the following for our packaging and recommended ways you can reuse each item.

  • Kraft Box - you can recycle the box or use it to store small items.

  • Crinkle paper - recycle or add to a craft box; it comes in handy.

  • Tissue paper - isn't recyclable, but you can add it to the compost bin; it makes excellent mulch in the garden, or you can save it when packing delicate items.

  • Product Pods - are BPA-free; recycle or highly recommend keeping for travel getaways.

  • Organza bag - store jewelry and trinkets; makes for a great little travel bag for small items.

  • Cards - recycle

Post a photo or story and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #sbgcoearth show us how you're upcycling the packaging.

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