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The parfum fragrances in cosmetics: why choose natural?

 Discover the allure of natural fragrances in Organic cosmetics at PHYT'S. Delight in refined scents while preserving health and sensuality. #naturalfragrance #consciousbeauty #glowingskin
The parfum fragrances in cosmetics: why choose natural?

The scent of a beauty product, along with its texture, is one of the elements essential to its dimension of pleasure. The fragrance it leaves on the skin is therefore a major line of research in the cosmetic industry. But, once again, naturalness matters…

What is a natural fragrance?

The natural perfume used in Organic cosmetics is, unlike synthetic perfumes, only from the plant kingdom. It comes from essential oils, fractions of essential oils, or molecules extracted from the complex structure of essential oils. Manipulating these olfactory elements to create a natural fragrance is complex work of which we can be proud.

Why prefer natural perfume?

Although the development of excellent natural perfumes is a challenge, we consider it to be an essential step in the formulation of a quality Organic cosmetic product. In addition, synthetic fragrances, by definition obtained only chemically, are not harmless. If we do not yet know all the disadvantages of these odorous molecules, it has already been proven that synthetic musks are concentrated in the tissues and interfere with our hormonal system. Synthetic perfumes contain phthalates whose purpose is to fix the scent and lengthen the duration of persistence. Some of these compounds (DBP and DEHP) are recognized as being able to impair fertility…

The natural fragrance at PHYT’S

PHYT’S has been working for many years to develop the quality of natural fragrance. Preserving the health of users with their products while providing them with the sensuality of refined fragrances has always been one of Phyt's objectives. The long-term work by the Phyt's teams, associated with perfumers from Grasse and “noses”, has borne fruit. Fragrance complexes were obtained and allowed them access to a very diverse range of notes: sophisticated, as for Panacea cream, fine or sweet, flowery or citrus … giving Phyt's products, certified Organic and natural, a beautiful sensoriality.

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