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10 Great ways to slow down a little and live a little more.
Small Steps to soothe your heart in loving ways.

The past couple of years has been unprecedented, all because of a global pandemic. Perhaps the understatement of the century. The distractions, the world in the palm of your hand, has somehow made being connected to the world exhausting. Do you agree?

Don't get me wrong, I love social media, but I have been evaluating my relationship with the insanity of this much technology. I've been weighing the pros and cons of social media, making a list of what I like and do not like. All this has led me to try to balance this part of my life so I can continue to enjoy it, work with it and be happy about it.

I'm sure you can relate to waking up in the morning, eyes not fully wide awake yet, and you've reached for your phone to check your feeds. Or, you say goodnight to your family because you've had a long day, and guess what? You're in the dark of your room with your phone in hand, scrolling, liking, and watching for another hour or two.

What can we do to change this?

  1. For starters, leave your phone in another room to ensure you have a good night's sleep.

  2. Jump in the shower to awaken and replenish your body for a great day ahead. Finish with a colder body rinse. That will awaken you!

  3. Have breakfast; sit, not stand.

  4. Dress for success. You can be in jeans but look amazing.

  5. If you don't feel like applying a full makeup day look, a little lipstick and mascara for the finish are brilliant.

  6. If you are a fur baby mama, allow your beautiful baby to take you on a walk. I've learned over the years my fur babies walk me to notice the nature surrounding us, which is very healing and inspirational. #justsaying

  7. Listen to something motivational. YouTube has a library of fantastic content.

  8. Buy someone a coffee to pay forward.

  9. Compliment someone daily.

  10. Start the day with a smile and notice how many you receive each day.

The little things in life transform us into positive, loving beings.

Ready to start going places? Let us know if you have begun to make life changes or are about to embark on your journey.

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