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Self-care and personal wellness are here to stay!

It's Almost 2023! New Year, Skin Resolutions, Self Care

Pen in hand. Heart on Paper
Unlock your thoughts, one word at a time. Journaling allows us to reflect, grow, and find clarity amidst the daily contrast.

The concept of caring for your mind and body is not going anywhere. While we're accustomed to getting swept up in work, community, friends, relationships, social friendships, out own well-being gets left behind. Not anymore!

Self help puts us in a better state, gives us a better, happier version of self and in this place, we're able to nourish, contribute and provide for others in our life. What does the flight attendant say when you're preparing for take-off? In case of emergency please put the oxygen mask on yourself first to. This is exactly the same thing. You first isn't selfish. It's healthy and rewarding for you and for others.

Self-care looks different for everyone and what makes me feel good might not be what you're looking for in relaxation. There are so many options with a term commitment and a price tag, and just as many options if not more that are free and don't break the piggy bank.

1. Start a daily journaling practice

There are so many great options out there when it comes to a daily journal with prompts, affirmations, and quotes. You can journal online thanks to My Stories Matter. It is 100% your very own version. I love this so much and highly recommend it. Writing is quite impactful. You can put pen to paper or tell your story digitally. Either way, what an amazing legacy to have read by future generations! Set aside a few minutes at the start or end of your day to do a “brain dump” and release those pent-up emotions that may otherwise stay locked in your head.

2. Make a daily gratitude list

Practicing gratitude is huge when it comes to manifesting more good things into your life. It’s an extremely beneficial method of self-care that costs absolutely nothing. Start small by simply listing out 3-5 different things that you’re grateful for each day. But don’t just scribble out the basics. Take time to appreciate each thing on your list and why you are grateful for it. The more gratitude you practice, the more you will find to be grateful for.

3. Go for a walk (without headphones)

For me, walks are crucial. I love stepping outside with no destination and no scrolling. I take this time to myself—without any music or distractions—so I can tune into my thoughts and feelings. You will be so surprised with the clarity you gain when you take just 5-10 minutes to unplug, get outside, and move your body.

4. Call a friend who always lifts your mood

Is there someone in your life who always seems to know what to say? Or maybe they always make you laugh, even when you’re in a bad mood? Sometimes the best form of self-care is knowing that you need a friend. Don’t take those friendships for granted, and don’t hesitate to lean on the people in your life when you need them. Set aside some time in your busy week to connect with a friend, family member, or coworker who will lift your mood. Bonus: Taking this time for yourself will help you be that person for someone else too.

5. Write a list of your accomplishments and goals

Why don’t we do this more often? Goal setting is huge for me, but so is acknowledging what I’ve achieved. If you are ever feeling down about something in your life or you’re comparing yourself to other people, take a moment to list out everything you have accomplished—both big and small. Hold onto that list to come back to the next time you’re questioning yourself. We should be celebrating our wins! Your notebook can be digital for this, or a paper exercise notebook, or a journal book, or whatever you want it to be. I personally like a scrap book to write my goals and accomplishments and manifest a little mood board. Be your creative best anyway you know how to be!

6. Donate 10 items you no longer need

Hello, Marie Kondo! Having moved nine times in the past 10 years, let’s just say I have perfected the art of tidying up. I have no issue saying goodbye to items that no longer serve me. Whether that means a Zara top you bought three years ago and never wore or an old stack of books collecting dust under your bed, never underestimate the power of releasing things you don’t need in your life. Plus, bonus points if you give them to someone who does.

This is how I feel when I finish reading and living the story!

7. Indulge in a book, movie, or TV show that makes you feel good

We're in holiday season! Lose the guilt! TV binging totally counts as self-care. Losing yourself in a feel-good show or movie can be a great way to turn off for a bit and recharge. I've got a list of rom-coms I can't wait to watch! For me, books are the ultimate self-care because it is one thing I know I won’t be multitasking (AKA, scrolling) during. Check out the Must Read Books of 2022 You have options! You can listen to an audio book while you're working out. I personally have the audio book on full volume as I'm cleaning up, doing laundry or tidying up. Check out your local library to put a hold on the book of your choice. Know that all books are available to you!

8. Stretch your legs up the wall

I do this for at least 10 minutes a day, every day, without fail. Legs-up-the-wall is one of the simplest yoga poses and is considered a restorative yoga posture that offers many benefits. It can help the body relax and reduce stress. To try for yourself, lie flat on your back with your legs stretched straight up the wall, set your timer for 10-20 minutes, and simply relax. Try a guided meditation, listen to a podcast, or even read your favorite book while letting your body be still.

9. Listen to a favorite playlist or podcast

What you need to hear is based on your current mood. I like to feed my creative flow with lyrics and beats. Sometimes that’s a Rolling Stones, Jumpin Jack Flash song, and other times, it’s an endless playlist of songs that make you want to dance with your lover in the kitchen at 2 a.m. No matter what your mood is, music can provide that much-needed release. If you’re more of a podcast fan, choose one based on your mood or what you are passionate about—whether you need something light-hearted or something to motivate you. Click here for podcasts based on any mood, and click here for 10 of our favorite women-run podcasts.

10. Meditate

This is one of those self-care practices that looks different for everyone. I personally prefer a walking guided meditation, but many people prefer to do their meditations sitting or lying down, reading or journaling, or without any music or prompts at all. No matter your meditation form of choice, there are many free apps and trackers you can download to start your meditation practice. Even just a few minutes a day can be extremely beneficial in relieving stress.

11. Clean up your space

Did you know that clutter in your space directly correlates to clutter in the mind. The cleanliness of your home really does impact your headspace, is a reflection of you, and you should always aim to keep your home the same you would want it to look for visitors. I highly recommend keeping your living space neat and tidy. It doesn't have to be magazine perfect. It should look lived in but what I do place emphasis on is turning your room into your special intimate place. Afterall, it is where you sleep, where you dream, manifest and set intentions. A room that is decluttered and invites your rest at all times is the incredible key to your abundance and flow of good things coming to you. I do a major clean up and declutter in my room to have a fresh start in the new year. What are you waiting for? Get cracking, it's almost 2023.

12. Detox your social media

Yes, social media can be a great place to discover new people, brands, and products or to catch up with friends and family. But we also can absorb negative content or get caught in comparison traps. Take time to regularly go through your accounts and mute or unfollow anyone whose energy does not serve you. Your goal should be to make social media a place that provides you with nothing but joy and inspiration rather than comparison and negativity. I removed the Twitter app from my phone. I'm not there daily anymore. Big win for me!

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