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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Get ready for a beautiful summer glow! Embrace body care with Phyt's France Organic Skincare. Tips, treatments, and virtual consultations available. #BodyCare"

BODY LANGUAGE GAME CHANGERS In a world of beauty and all that is focused on the face, neck and decollete, we continue to remind you about the importance of the largest living organ we have - skin of the body.

Exfoliating the body is essential to clean pores, remove dead skin cells, and ultimately leave behind a beautiful, soft, healthy skin that feels luxurious. Phyt's France has drawn on all their virtues to meet the expectations of all body types by offering creams, oils, elixirs, sprays, or even certified organic food supplements.

WHY IS BODY CARE IMPORTANT? Our skin is our primary defense against the outside elements. It’s an airtight and watertight barrier that protects us from the millions of microbes in our environment. So if our skin is damaged, bacteria and germs can easily infect us, and our immunity will be compromised.


So what are the benefits of doing body care? Taking care of the body and skin is part of a healthy lifestyle. If you take the time to do your skincare routine and do it well, you are more likely to make healthier choices. Body care, after all, isn’t just lathering on many products onto your skin to keep it healthy. It also includes eating healthy and exercising. You’ll end up looking AND feeling great, both inside and out. It’ll be a great confidence booster and will result in a happier you.

Additionally, doing body care is an excellent preventative measure. Prevention is better than cure. Wearing sunscreen, washing your face often, and using moisturizing products can save you from invasive and often expensive treatments later when your problems pop up.

Tone your body with organic silhouette treatments Unique and innovative formulas to target different specific areas of the body. Vegetable oils, essential oils, powerful natural active ingredients… Take back control of your silhouette and reconcile in beauty with your body!

A homecare routine will brighten skin restore collagen, promote healing and help obtain a better outcome in the appearance and feel of the skin. BUST CREAM, FIRMING* & NUTRITION* CREAM A gentle toning and nourishing* emulsion, this organic firming* cream helps maintain the curve of the bust. It completes the action of the Bust Serum and takes care of the breasts and décolleté. Its velvety texture leaves a veil of softness on the skin. * via hydration

BUST SERUM, FIRMING* & ANTI-AGING OIL With anti-ageing, firming* and nourishing* essential and vegetable oils, this organic bust serum is ideal for taking care of the breasts and décolleté. Its extreme softness leaves skin soft and velvety. *hydration TONI-LEGS, REFRESHING CREAM FOR LIGHT LEGS The Red Vine, Cypress and Menthol of this organic leg toning cream give tone to the skin and provide a feeling of light legs. Combine with massage for enhanced effectiveness!

AROMA PHYT'S LIGHT LEGS, LIGHT LEGS BODY OIL Thanks to Scots Pine, Cinnamon and Rosemary, this organic light legs oil tones the skin and leaves a feeling of light legs. Combine with massage for enhanced effectiveness!

GLACIAL PHYTO-FLUID, REFRESHING SPRAY FOR LIGHT LEGS Thanks to its cold effect, this organic icy fluid spray instantly promotes the feeling of light legs. To renew as often as necessary!

Body contouring with organic skincare for body.
Discover effective body care tips and treatments to sculpt and contour your way to a confident you.

CELLULITE EXPERT, LIPOMASSING TRIPLE ALLY This organic cellulite cream, meticulously formulated, targets stubborn areas in a localized way (hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, etc.). The appearance of cellulite is reduced and the skin is firmer after 14 days! Indeed, day after day, the body reconnects with its integral beauty. The silhouette then seems refined and the skin is, in addition, hydrated and smooth. In addition, its practical tip facilitates application and massage, for an optimized effect.

DOUBLE ACTION CAFFEINE & PEPPER GEL, SCULPTING & FIRMING GEL Formulated with natural Caffeine and Pink Pepper oil, this organic double action gel sculpts the body, firms the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Combine with massage, for enhanced effectiveness!

Aroma Phyt's Toning, Toning body oil Thanks to the essential oils of Lemon, Rosemary, Parsley and Sage, this organic oil tones* and nourishes* the skin. Combine with massage for enhanced effectiveness! * via hydration

STRETCH MARK EXPERT, EMERGING STRETCH MARK CREAM & PREVENTION This organic stretch mark cream contains extracts of Manilkara and Centella Asiatica, as well as vegetable oils which improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce the appearance of incipient stretch marks. The skin thus regains comfort and suppleness. Dry Brushing the skin unclogs pores in the exfoliation process. It also helps detoxify the skin by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. Unclogged pores make it easier for the body to sweat and eliminate toxins in the system. Ultimately, you will have a softer, smoother feeling skin. Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit." - Lauren G. Beaulieu

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