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Glowing Skin For The Holiday Season


The Blueberry Peel is the party-ready holiday glow!
Glowing Skin For The Holiday Season

Are you looking for a party-ready holiday glow? Well, we have the perfect collection for you to treat your skin at home with easy how-to-use instructions.

The Blueberry Peel Collection is curated for your skin concerns. It is a relaxing "no downtime" treatment that infuses the skin with restorative and uplifting benefits of peptides, enzymes and botanical stem cells.

This gentle rejuvenating blueberry peel will leave your skin radiant and revitalized. It is safe, calming and hydrating as it treats targeted concerns: exfoliates dull, dry skin, target skin imperfections, and improves the skin texture and uneven skin tone.

Who is this soft, non-invasive peel, made for sensitive skin but used for all skin types for?

  • You, Us, Me, literally everyone.

  • Want to brighten your skin to give you a radiant pick me up? This is for you.

  • Going to a gala, social event, weekend getaway? Fabulous, plan treatment 1-2 days prior to your event.

  • Oily, congested skin or those who have pigmentation skin concerns? This is for you.

  • Dry, dehydrated, mature skin? This is for you.

  • What about us guys? Yes, this is for you too!

  • You've had cosmetic surgery or injectables. This is for you too, but you have to let us know in advance to ensure the collection is used at the appropriate time. We want you to follow the medical home care plan first, and then we're all yours!

The Collection includes:

  • Cleanser

  • Pre-Treatment Toner

  • Exfoliant

  • Peel

  • Mask

  • Serum

  • Moisturizer

  • How-To-Use-Instructions

The Blueberry Peel Collection is a great at-home addition to your skincare routine to achieve brighter, a refined appearance of the skin and the radiance of a healthy skin all year round.

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