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Benefits of Exfoliating Your Skin Regularly

Exfoliation describes the process of removing dead skin cells from your skin’s hydrolipid area, the outer surface. If you're into skincare, you have certainly heard about this popular procedure. There are mainly three types of exfoliation: physical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, and mechanical exfoliation. Each exfoliation method offers many healing properties for your skin.We want to keep it easy for you and talk about exfoliating your skin at home for the best results. An exfoliation at home is gentle and this removes the dead skin cells. You will notice a healthier, radiant and smoother skin.

Achieve radiant, smoother skin with at-home exfoliation! Slough off dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow, and enjoy rejuvenated skin. #skincare #exfoliation #glow
Benefits of exfoliating your skin regularly

Skin rejuvenation rewarding the following benefits for your skin.

  • Sloughing of dead skin cells

  • Brightening the skin

  • Stimulating the microcellular vessels to make blood flow

  • Mini work out for the facial muscles

  • Remove tired look and dullness

  • Hyperpigmentation and sun damage not so prominent; dead skin cells make issues look darker.

  • Skin canvas looks rejuvenated and ready to penetrate serum and cream well

How many times a week should you exfoliate? Twice a week is recommended but if you're a beginner we ask you follow this guide. Sensitive Skin - 1 x, 1-2 minutes, gentle circular movement Dry/Normal Skin - 1 x, 2 minutes, moderate circular movement Oily Skin - 2 x, 2-3 min, firm but not rough circular movement

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