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32 ways to self-care right now

Many people hear the word self-care and think of massages, manicures, and other forms of pampering usually in a spa environment.

These services are great, but there are so many other self-care options available to you every day or week.

32 Options available to self care for you.
32 Ways to Self Care

Here are some ways to self-care right now for you to enjoy as often as possible.

  1. Read a book

  2. Walk in nature, paying attention to your surrounds

  3. Sleep in on the weekend.

  4. Watch the clouds.

  5. Unplug from social media

  6. Colour in, draw, or paint

  7. Do yoga

  8. Exercise

  9. Listen to music or a nature soundscape

  10. Dance

  11. Spend quality time with a loved one.

  12. Look at the star.

  13. Pray or meditate whichever you prefer

  14. Create a vision board

  15. Watch the sunrise or sunset

  16. Get out in the garden. Listen to nature

  17. Light a candle

  18. Call a friend that makes you laugh

  19. Stretch

  20. Take a nap for 30 minutes to rest your body, to quiet the mind. Leave your phone in another room

  21. Go for a swim at your local pool or beach

  22. Start a gratitude journal noting 5 things you are grateful for that the day gifted you

  23. Write a bucket list. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

  24. Watch a comedian on YouTube, or a streaming service and make sure you get belly-ache laughs

  25. Take a bath. Feel the relief of stress leave your body

  26. Switch off your smartphone for 24 hours. Close the door on noise and focus on your mind and well-being.

  27. Write a list of compliments to yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror, really look and see what you've been missing

  28. Do a jigsaw puzzle, wordle or any brain stimulating game.

  29. Declutter your social media. Yes, delete your least favourite platform!

Journey to your wellness.
32 ways to self-care right now

Let us know in the comment section below, how many of these self-care options you have incorporated in your day to day journey towards your wellness, or which ones you wish to start with. #selfcare #bodyandmind #wellness #meditation #selfcareisforeveryone #selfcareideas #selflove

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